Seriously? Seriously…Come ON Already!

I am really trying to work on that whole gratitude concept. Even during this worst summer ever, I still found grace in small things every day. The rational side of my brain also knows that I am blessed beyond measure, with a wonderful family, a safe, happy home, and the security of knowing that we have everything we need. I know this. I really do.

But then, some a$$hole just had to get enterprising and clone my debit card. Ya know, the one that has never left my wallet and is still in my possession? How he or she accomplished this feat is beyond me, but card cloning seems to be surging in my little corner of Louisiana. This oh-so-lovely person then went on a shopping spree at Marshall’s two days before my mortgage payment was due.

Now, I know I should be looking on the bright side. The bank will give the money back (eventually), and my mortgage company will wave all of the late penalties (after I jump through burning hoops of fire to prove that this, in fact, really happened). But right now, I’m just selfishly wondering if we could just catch a dang break. Did I mention I’m sick too?

So yeah, I know it could be worse, and I’ll get over my tantrum soon. But seriously, Marshall’s? If you were going to drain my bank account, you could have at least done it on something better than cheap clothes! Talk about adding insult to injury…

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