Finished Knit–“Gone Glamping” Hat

hatRight about the time I cleared the last overdue work off my calendar, I declared myself caught up for first time since June. Of course, it only took 5 minutes for my next manuscript to land in my inbox. However, I carved out time over the busy weekend to finish up this hat. It’s more fitted than the pattern depicted, which other knitters noticed as well. Regardless, it’s another cozy knit to add to the cold-weather wardrobe box.

Pattern: Gone Glamping by the Plucky Knitter

Yarn: Berroco Comfort Worsted in 9716 Blue colorway

Needles: 6 for the ribbing and 7 for the remainder of the hat

Notes–I would have added another repeat or two of the cable pattern for the more slouchy look that the hat seemed to have in the pattern pictures.

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