There is something you need to know about me right now.

I am suffering from a very serious condition. It’s as desperate as it is dangerous.

I have been struggling with this condition for a while, but in recent months, it has steadily been getting worse.

It’s the dreaded…



(That is Youngest, by the way, just a few hours old)

You see, Youngest is about to start school in August, and I am about to turn 29 on Saturday. And I love babies. This is a recipe for Stage 4 Baby Fever!

Boy oh boy, do I want another baby….bad. My biological clock has been speeding up into overdrive, and it has grown so loud, people look around when I walk by to discern the source of that loud ticking noise.

Unfortunately,  we currently live in a house about the size of a postage stamp, with two small bedrooms. There is no place to put another child. Furthermore, as a single-income family, our financial situation is not such that we could feed another child, let alone cover all the other expenses that come along with a new baby.

Logic tells me this……..

My biological clock, however, tells me otherwise.

For now, I have to soothe myself by going through Youngest’s baby pictures.


This was his first day home from the hospital…he clearly is not impressed with my camera antics.


This is when he decided to protest, and give me his best ninja face.

Ok, maybe looking at the baby pictures was not such a good idea.

I’ll just look at my bank statements for a while…that should cure it…I hope.

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