A Slice of Friday Randomness

Today was field day at Oldest’s school, which any mother knows is always barely organized mayhem. This was Oldest at the beginning of field day:


About ten minutes later, he started looking a little funky. Wasting no time, I hauled him out of Field Day and down the street to the doctor, because it is a universal rule that your kids will always get sick on Friday night about 10 seconds after the doctor’s office closes. Seriously. If I went back and documented all my children’s illnesses, I would bet you that at least 70% of them popped up on a Friday night. Well, this Mama is no fool, and I decided that it was worth the co-pay to make sure we weren’t spending a weekend worrying. Sure enough, after a record-speed trip through the doctor’s office, we affirmed that Oldest has an ear infection. So, for the next 10 days, he gets his juice with a pink chaser:


Gag. I feel for him. Just the smell of that stuff is enough to make me cringe.

I came home to check on the garden:


But don’t worry, I kept the minimum safe distance away, and did not touch…my green thumb of death will not infect anything.

These vines on my fence were blooming:


They always do right around my birthday, which is tomorrow by the way.  I like them, but they are swallowing my fence, and it may just collapse under the strain pretty soon.

I made this for dinner the other night:


It’s a Southwest chicken-something-or-other. It was dang tasty. Leave a comment if you want the recipe.

Yep, I know there is no rhyme or reason to this post. Friday afternoons are often like that around here. That is why God invented the Drive-up Daiquiri!

This concludes my rambling, Friday afternoon musings. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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