Be afraid…..Be Very Afraid

Summer is coming, whether I like it or not.


I have plenty of reasons to dread summer around here. The 100 degree-plus heat is certainly one, and the often 100 percent humidity is another. After spending quite a few years in southern California, I can tell you that 100 degrees feels like 5000 when you add humidity into the mix.

Giant bugs are another reason to feel queasy about this season’s arrival. You have to wear bug spray like deodorant, unless you want to be assaulted the second you walk out your door, and carted off to parts unknown.

But, as I learned the hard way last year, idle children are the the most frightening thing of all.

Last year, as my oldest finished his first year of school, I thought summer would be just like life was before he started school.

And boy, was I wrong.

Little did I know, Oldest was used to being active and engaged all day in kindergarten, and was much less inclined to assimilate back into the day-to-day routine of being at home. He had a year of structure, constant activity and stimulation, and our pre-school years’ routines were long forgotten.

You’d think that a girl with a Masters degree could have anticipated what would happen. Ha! Ha! Ha!…Ha! Ha! Ha!

Needless to say, I was ill-prepared. I had no plans or strategies to keep Oldest occupied, and I paid for my ignorance dearly. Idle children are a Mom’s worst nightmare. If they are idle, they find trouble, make trouble or plot to take over the world. I was whimpering in defeat within a week.

Living in BFE only complicates matters. Not only do I live 30 minutes away from civilization, but Husband also has the car during the day, and I can’t take the kids to the park, pool or library. I have idle children that are confined to our house. It’s guerrilla warfare baby, and it’s every mom for herself.

This year, I am not getting caught with my proverbial panties down. I need a plan. Sooner versus later. Like yesterday. I need plenty of ideas and activities to keep these little monsters busy at home.

Bring on the ideas. Pretty please? Help me create an arsenal of ideas, a bag of tricks and a proactive plan to combat summertime boredom. I am counting on you to save my sanity.

Pretty please?

2 thoughts on “Be afraid…..Be Very Afraid

  1. I totally agree with you about the summers here coming up. You and I probably live close to each other and don’t even know I mostly stay indoors during the summer here…unless I have to run errands. My kids are still *preschool* age though. Maybe look up some books on that *nifty* Kindle of yours about activites to do at home with Kindergarteners? I have a book of crafts and activities here that preschoolers can do…so I’m sure they must make something similiar for Kinder people 🙂

    • I am working on some plans. Oldest is finishing first grade, and I can already see us arguing daily about video game time limits. I am going to have to establish some ground rules early, because he will be hounding me to death otherwise.

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