Where, Oh Where has my NyQuil Gone? Oh, Where, Oh Where Can it Be?

My kids gave me their cooties!

After having two sick heathens last week, I have contracted their plague, and I have spent my day cursing my sinuses, sneezing and hacking up my left lung. Fun times…

To make it even better, cold medicines NO LONGER WORK. Apparently, people did bad things with the old cold medicines, and now we only have wimpy concoctions that do no more than shake their fists at our symptoms and grumble half-heartedly.

Sure, you can find a few old-school cold medications out there…if you want to wait in the pharmacy line for 30 minutes, show valid photo ID and sign a document that says you solemnly promise not to turn your NyQuil into illicit drugs.

Although, looking back, I was in line behind a nefarious-looking group at Wally-World once; they were trying to buy 67 boxes of Sudafed, and didn’t understand why the checker would not sell it to them. Maybe there is a reason why we shouldn’t sell cold medication like popcorn, but as I sneeze for the 1,285th time today, I am not too happy that it’s easier for me to buy booze than it is get for four to six hours of sweet sinus relief.

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