Things I Am Sure My Husband Wished He Knew Before He Married Me

I thank God on a regular basis for my husband.

Seriously, women everywhere want to push me off a cliff, so that they can get their grubby hands on him. My husband works his tail off, comes home, plays with the kids, helps with the housework, and treats me like a princess. He regularly cooks, cleans, bakes, fixes and does just about everything you could wish for. Don’t get me wrong, he is still an Alpha-guy, and keeps me grounded. And after about 9 years of living together, I am sure there are now some things he wishes he knew before he married me:

  • It is his job to investigate all mysterious sounds I hear at night.
  • He must kill all bugs, like now…not in a minute, NOW.
  • He must reach all high things, as I am too lazy to drag out the step stool.
  • I am allergic to yard work, plumbing issues, and anything else I label as gross.
  • This includes cleaning out the Tupperware with the unknown, month-old forgotten food in it.
  • A southern lady does not open her own beer or wine. It’s also his job to open jars, carve meat and handle raw poultry…because that’s gross too.
  • I am not a morning person…and not just mildly. It’s almost a disability. I am so grouchy and snarly in the morning, that you must maintain a safe perimeter until I’ve emerged from my psychosis. Maybe that is where Demon Baby got it?
  • My luck with automobiles is so bad that it also may be classified as a disability (did I mention that I got rear-ended at Wal-Mart last month?)
  • I will stick my cold feet on him when he least expects it, because after all, it is also his job to warm me up when I am cold.

With a list like that, it’s a wonder HE hasn’t pushed me off a cliff either. That’s why I am a lucky girl, I guess!

5 thoughts on “Things I Am Sure My Husband Wished He Knew Before He Married Me

  1. Great post! I’m sure there are things my husband wishes he had known. I love the one about cold feet, I do that all the time! lol I’m visiting from SPFH by the way.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mindy! He is a sweetheart, and I am lucky that he puts up with me!

  3. Hello I have just popped over from Sugarpie Farmhouse. I had to comment on your post, it is so funny. We must have a lot in common because I could have written that post about myself.. ha ha ha.

    Sarah x

    • Thanks for stopping in Sarah! My poor husband probably wishes he could trade my in on a regular basis!

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