Lost and Found!

Bayou Mama was missing, but now she is found!

No, a black hole did not suck me up…life did…or rather moving did.

In the past month, we have been on a marathon/whirlwind/crazytrain. We sold the house, and bought a new one, which is so dang awesome, I can’t even tell you. We moved, which was so bleeping awful, I swear we will not do it again for at least 10 years! I could fill you in on the horror story of the movers-from-hell, but I think using that many swear words on my blog would be a bad thing. However, I did learn quite a few things about moving:

  • Investing in the $10 packing tape gun was the best money I spent.
  • It to four times the number of boxes I had planned.
  • It took twice as long to pack as I thought.
  • Even the best laid, most organized plans can turn to chaos at the drop of a hat.
  • Going out of town on business the week before the move was bad, bad, bad.
  • Don’t expect help if you don’t provide beer.
  • Even the most happy family can erupt into full-scale warfare under the stress of a move-gone-bad.

So, as we settle in, unpack and discover our new ‘hood, stay tuned to find out how city life suits us. And with a five-minute commute work this morning, I’d say that today, it’s suiting me just fine!

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