A long, long summer

My poor blog is sad and neglected.

My new school-year resolution is to remedy this.

Unfortunately, this summer has been super-blah, with plenty of challenges that are not for public consumption. My husband and I have been circling the wagons, as we try and navigate some unexpected events. Life has thrown us some head-scratching twists, but hopefully a return to normal is on the horizon.  Add to this the hottest summer on record, and it’s no wonder we are all a little cranky.

So, in the coming month, you will get to see the new house, various cooking fiascos as I experiment with more weeknight meals,  and the regular chaos that surrounds the back-to-school rush.

In the meantime, we still manage to find those perfect moments of peace:

After a long day of work, nothing is sweeter than coming home to this.

Well, this and a glass of wine the size of Texas, but who’s counting?

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