5 Things I Loved this Summer

  • These crackers:


    We had these the other night with some different cheeses, and they were so good, we polished off the box before morning. They pair well with just about any cheese or dip, and single-handedly ruined my week by adding a pound or two to my rear end that I am now trying to work back off. Serving-size, schmerving size!

  • This wine:


    I am a Louisiana girl, after all…Grab a bottle or six.

  • Netflix…oh how I love my Netflix. It’s the best $20 I spend a month. Though starting “Lost” the week before I had to fly across the country on business was an exceptionally bad idea. It made me create a new rule that I will not board another aircraft without some prescription intervention for my various neuroses. And why the hell do I ALWAYS end up in the tail section???


  • This slide:

    Otherwise know as a giant hamster wheel for my children, and the only activity that they can get with a constant heat index of 105-115 degrees. Expensive investment, but worth every frapping penny. Thank goodness for this because the local pools are gross, germ infested, accidents-waiting-to-happen.

  • These stainless steel wipes:

    Once we moved into our new home, the reality of children and stainless steel appliances came crashing down on me. These have saved my kitchen, my sanity, and my children’s hands from being snatched off at the elbow.

Tried anything new this summer? Let me know, cause we can all use a heads-up in this economy.

2 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved this Summer

  1. That slide looks like more fun! Seems like it’d be fun for the grownups, too 😉 And I’ll have to look for those stainless steel wipes. Great idea. And fun post.

    • Thanks Lynn! Those wipes have saved my kids from one mean Mom, cause prior to this, I had no idea how to clean the new appliances!

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