Meet the New House–Living Room

Back in April, we made the jump and moved into town. This move saved my sanity, because we are now 5 minutes away from just about everything, and ten minutes from anything else. We found a beautifully restored craftsman-style bungalow from 1920. I absolutely fell in love with this house, as it still has all the original built-ins, hardwood floors, and bevelled glass doors and windows. It’s also twice the size of our old house, so a lot of it is still a work in progress. For example, there is no artwork in most of the house, so forgive me if the walls are bare and it looks a little sparse.

First, the living room. Here is what it looks like from each of the four corners:





And some other angles, including my favorite chairs:



See, I warned you it was still pretty sparse. But that fireplace is super-cool, as well as my flat-screen-of-doom. My husband hung that bad boy all by himself, cause he is awesome like that. As you can see, the living room flows into the formal dining room, and a front room my husband has turned into his “manly room,” complete with a pool table, but more on that later.

To the left of the couch is where the Directv hook-up is, and unfortunately, the DVR unit is so big, I have yet to find the perfect corner piece to house that mess, hence the bizarre-looking, out-of-place end-table. I also need some cute fireplace ideas, as it is currently decorative only, and I want to remedy that empty hole look.  Not to mention a rug, some artwork and god knows what else.

Up next in our tour: the kitchen….

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