I Need a Kick in the Pants

This has not been my week…to say the least.

On any given day, being a working mom is challenging enough. Days are spent juggling, prioritizing and feeling like something is always slipping through the cracks. However, with a good sense of humor and a little forced perspective, I usually do pretty well at rolling with the punches.

This week, I can fairly say that I’ve had enough, thank-you-very-much. Enough of things like a kid that gets sick (AGAIN!!!) the day after spring break ends…or the power company wanting to cut down all the 100 year-old trees in my yard…or an extra large helping of stress in my already high-stress job…or coming home to find my front door mysteriously wide open…or realizing my youngest was using my purse for a foot-rest and now its’ contents are full of sandy dirt…yeah…enough of all that please.

Sooooo, after a few days of being a grouchy, snarly mess, I am ready to snap out of it. It’s time to kick this funk in the pants! After all, tomorrow is Friday, and what better time for a serious attitude adjustment? The last time this bad funk happened, my husband gave me a beer, the kids’ Scout bow and arrows, and he set me up a target in the backyard. I shot that poor paper target to pieces, but I must admit, I sure did feel better afterward.

While I don’t plan on shooting up the backyard today, I’m going to get through work, dance around my kitchen while I make dinner, and tickle my kids until they are in danger of vomiting…ok, not really, but you get the idea.

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