I May Never Eat Broccoli Again…

So, I was cooking dinner last night, and decided to whip up a side of broccoli with a little lemon butter to go with the King Ranch casserole that was heating in the oven. I grabbed a bag of frozen broccoli out of the freezer, and dumped it in a pot of boiling water, all while toasting the end of the work-week and planning a Dexter marathon with my husband.

I few seconds later, I noticed something strange-looking in the broccoli…



Look away if you’re squeamish…




In fact, skip this post all together…




I warned ya….




Last Chance!….


WTF IS THAT????? And yes, I said WTF…but if you found that creature in your broccoli, you’d say WTF too.

Needless to say, I’m off the broccoli for a while.

3 thoughts on “I May Never Eat Broccoli Again…

  1. OMG- I would die!!! Another reason for me to not like broccoli, besides the fact that it’s stinky…

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