A Little Less Frantic

It’s been a busy time around our house. Thanksgiving was a big success, the holiday decorations are up and we’re ready to settle into the Christmas season. Our November felt almost frantic, and after a few pregnancy driven melt-downs, I finally realized that something just had to give. Despite what my OCD says, I just can’t get everything done, all at once, all of the time. If I don’t ease up on the clangor of the running “to-do” list in my head, I’ll go bonkers.

Also, for reasons that will remain unmentioned (mostly because the amount of swear words I may use would bump this blog above its’ usual PG-13 rating), I’ve had to switch doctors for Bean. Changing OB’s more than half way through my pregnancy is not exactly what I wanted to be doing, but with both Bean’s and my health on the line, I need to have a little faith in the person who will be playing grown-up Operation on me in a few short months.

The past couple of weeks have been an exercise in slowing down. My husband and I are making a big effort to inject more calm, family time into our weeks and weekends, even if it is just 45 minutes to watch a Christmas special with the heathens. It also helps that Mom is back in town (yay!), so I’ve had a huge helping hand around the home front. We’ve baked cookies, shopped, wrapped presents and indulged in hours of Christmas movies and music. I still have to be in bed absurdly early, but that’s just because Bean likes to tap dance the second I’m horizontal…sleep is fitful when there’s a dance party in your stomach.

As for my homemade Christmas gift plan, I am still on track, even if I am knitting like I’m on speed. Assuming I can finish up all the projects that are still outstanding, I will have concocted hand-crafted Christmas gifts for almost every person in our family over the age of 10.

Once I finish my Christmas crafting bonanza, I’ll be free to start all things Baby. At some point, the reality that I’ll be giving birth soon will hit us, and we’ll finally have to do some important things…like find Bean a place to sleep, or buy even the first onesie.

But that’s a post-Christmas concern. For now, I’m going to make some hot chocolate, turn on my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies and relax.

And knit, of course…

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