I am officially in the home stretch of my handcrafted Christmas-gift-palooza. Every spare second of the past few weeks has been spent knitting, crafting and wrapping. By week’s end, I will have accomplished my goal of ensuring that every person in our extended family (over the age of ten) will receive a handmade Christmas gift. Even though my Christmas crafting consumed all of my time in the past month, I am thrilled that we will be giving unique, heartfelt gifts that did not land us in debt-city.

To recap, I knitted:

And then I knitted some more:

And in between all of that, I may have knitted a little something for Bean:

I’ve glued:

And then I knitted some more:

In the meantime, the heathens have discovered the joys of pulling carrots:

Now, if I can only convince them that pulling weeds is just as much fun…

Now that I’m nearly done with the crafting, it’s time for a week of cooking, baking, relaxing and family time.

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