The Best $10 I Spent This Week

The heathens have been a little restless lately, and I can’t really blame them. They’ve both had school projects and piles of homework, on top of their usual chores. As we were running errands today, we ducked into a bookstore, so I could pick up the new issue of Mary Jane’s Farm magazine. While we were there, I wanted to reward them for all their hard work, so I told them they could each pick out a book.

Why? Because post-Christmas, they certainly don’t need any more toys or games at the moment. Also, we are working on the concept of allowances, saving and thoughtful decision making…’nuff said.

Bear decided to get the Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s Do-It-Yourself Book, and while I had hoped for something more…literary…I was willing to compromise from his original choice of a Pokémon comic book.

Dang if it wasn’t the best money I’ve spent in a while. He has spent the ENTIRE day glued to the pages, reading, drawing, writing and laughing.

Add in some unseasonably warm weather, a little outside playtime, and peace reigns around my house today.


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