Designing the Nursery—Part 2 (Baby Steps)

This is the face of the little booger who consistently gets the hiccups at 3:00 AM. Could you sleep if someone poked you in the ribs, every three seconds for an hour? I highly doubt it. In fact, she is so active lately, my stomach always looks like we are seconds away from an Aliens reenactment. I have officially crossed into the discomfort portion of my pregnancy, and I don’t think I can swing wearing yoga pants to work…*sigh*

In the meantime, work on the nursery has been on hold. Though I didn’t want to write about it at the time, my husband had to go away on a nearly month-long business trip. Let’s just say that working full-time, keeping the heathens fed and healthy, and maintaining some semblance of order in my house has been a challenge. I’ll spare you the nitty-gritty of those three weeks…it’s enough to say they weren’t a picnic.

My husband made it home safe and sound this weekend, and we’re gearing up to resume work on the nursery.

Though this project has been on hiatus, I still spent time figuring out a few things. If you recall, the room in question has these shelves:

I wanted to maximize the storage potential of this space, so I figured that cute baskets would be an attractive solution. Finding the right baskets, however, proved to be a challenge. I really wanted something that was as large as would feasibly fit into the space, so that the items inside would not be completely visible at a glance (I’m not very adept at keeping drawers Martha-Stewart-neat). I also needed so many baskets that the budget became a significant issue. Just as I would find the perfect basket, I’d also find the $20-a-pop price tag. After weeks of searching at all the usual places, I happened down the home-storage aisle of Lowes:

These baskets were only $6 a piece. I also found some in a smaller size (3 for $12), which I’ll be able to use for things like hair accessories…yes, I said hair accessories. I’m having my first girl for cripes sake.

Painting is an ongoing process, but while I’ve been waiting, I also found this wall decal on Etsy, which I will be ordering this week:


Progress may be slow, but, hey, it’s still progress.



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