What Does This Picture Say About Today?

This photo is a microcosm of my life right now. Why?

  • It’s out of focus…because as busy as my kids are keeping me, I’m lucky to brush my teeth, let alone operate my camera with any degree of lucidity.
  • See those power cords? Power cords breed around here, just like dirty laundry, Legos, brownie crumbs, spit-up covered garments and …did I mention dirty laundry? At this point, I’m tempted to beg my mother to fly 2000 miles, just to come home and do my laundry. If you think I have OCD, you haven’t seen my mother in the same room as a hamper of dirty laundry. She’d give the Energizer Bunny a run for its’ money.
  • This is a picture of Bean…aka Tyrant. She runs this house like it’s her personal armada. She says jump, you’d better jump, jack. This is the rare shot of her at rest. Do you want to know what life is really like with this little booger? Watch the last ten minutes of The Incredibles. Bean=Jack-Jack….like for real, ya’ll. Be afraid…be very afraid.
  • I’m sure I had another point to make, but Tyrant’s inability to establish rational, predictable sleep patterns means that I am two doors down from the loony bin.
  • Send margaritas…stat.

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