Knife Projectiles, Subway Tile and Lessons About Manufacturers’ Intended Use

So, I have a knife problem. Other than a giant knife block of my fancy-schmancy knives, I also have several miscellaneous knives floating around my kitchen that I refuse to part with. A while ago, I posted about this magnetic strip, which I like, and seemed to be a great solution for us. However, that little strip has become a big problem. You see, my tiny kitchen has one really great feature about the walls: awesome subway tile, straight to the ceiling.

And I love that tile. The magnetic strip is supposed to be screwed into the wall, but I absolutely will not try to screw into the tile. When I first got the magnetic strip, I resolved the issue by mounting it with Command adhesive picture-hanging strips (which, by the way is NOT a recommended use for that product).

Three years and three brutally hot Louisiana summers later, the adhesive solution is failing big-time. The magnetic strip randomly falls off the wall, turning it into a deadly projectile. Now that Bean is crawling around, I can’t have knife bombs falling from the sky. That would be bad.

A friend of mind heard my plight and sent me a little surprise gift:

This is the Knife Dock. It fits in the kitchen drawer and will hold knives of all different sizes, in any arrangement I want.

(yep, I had to play with it for a minute)

And just like that, the knife-bomb problem was solved. I’m able to keep the knives easily accessible, arrange them exactly how I like and I don’t have to worry about them getting damaged from floating loosely around the drawer. Apparently, Knife Dock also makes a larger, deluxe model, and I may just consider getting that one too, and evicting the knife block off the counter.

If only storing the Heathens’ tsunami of toys was so easy…

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