Fun, Not Fun

The past few weeks around here have been hell on wheels. Bean is one continuous teething monster of terror, and every day we hold our breaths waiting for the insanity to pass. The older Heathens had school testing, which is enough to make anyone neurotic, and now that it’s over, we have all those end-of-the-year projects to tackle, not to mention the state Social Studies Fair looming (dang over-achieving kids…grumble, grumble).

To make matters worse, my laptop contracted a catastrophic virus which required an entire weekend of saving what we could, then wiping and reinstalling every damn thing on it. (Object lesson of the day: do not let your antivirus subscription lapse…you’ll pay dearly, my friends)

My impromptu “hey, maybe I can earn some extra money by going freelance” idea is going better than I expected. I’m not rolling in the Benjamin’s or anything, but if I keep at it, we may clear enough to keep the Heathens in their good school for another year. The downside, I’ve learned, is that if you want to work from home, you actually have to work. Balancing my stay-at-home-mom responsibilities with my writing/earn money/learn-the-concept-of-savings ambition has been rough. Mostly, I’ve learned that everything takes longer than I initially thought it would, and time management skills are not my strong suit.

In the midst of all this chaos, we did have some bright spots. We’ve had a few family get-togethers, including an epic round of Clue at my sister’s house, which reminded us why classic games remain classics for a reason. We also hit the lake for a few hours of unplugged family time, and it was a welcome relief from the hectic mess we’ve been living in lately.

Hopefully, the rollercoaster we’re on will even out soon. If not, I’ll need a lot more booze.

And maybe some chocolate.

But mostly, just the booze, please.

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