The Summer of the Fish

It’s no secret that we love to fish, and now that Bean is older and a wee bit more patient, we get to go a lot more often. Thus far this summer, we’ve fished the waterways of south Louisiana, a local lake, and down on the shores of Galveston. We still have plenty of side trips planned (assuming the brutal Louisiana heat doesn’t cook us to death), so I hereby declare this the Summer of the Fish!

2 thoughts on “The Summer of the Fish

  1. Thanks for the posting because it reminds me of a time years ago when I took my two kids fishing whenever I could. I am glad for planting the seed of fishing in them because today my daughter now out fishes me almost on a daily basis, mainly because I now live in an oven called Texas while she enjoys the mild summer of Alaska.

    • Thanks Pete! I never thought we could get the kids into it, but the right conditions make all the difference. I know what you mean about the heat as north Louisiana summers are triple-digit nightmares!

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